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Polestar P.AV

Concept Design 2020

In this form, the P.AV begins to look more like a personal companion than just a personal cameraman. That's the goal for the P.AV at large - to be an autonomous vehicle at a radically different scale than currently available.


At this scale, the transformational impact of a P.AV becomes apparent: things that would traditionally bog you down or hold you back can now be offloaded to an intelligent and mobile personal vehicle. The opportunities are seemingly endless, and will develop as such.

This concept was submitted to the 2020 Polestar Design Competition and is currently under review from the official jury. This page will be periodically updated as the development phases continue, and as allowed by the the terms and conditions of the competition.

Polestar P.AV is built out of modular and hot-swappable components for maximum functionality and reparability. Lenses can be switched out for wide-angle or high focal-length, camera arms can be swapped to achieve varying angles, and wheels can be changed according to the expected terrain.