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RW Season 5

Weekly Design Challenges, 2020

Version Two

The first design was centered around lighting flexibility and the three axes of movement. Allowing the lighting panel to move and rotate gives users the ability to throw light on ceilings or walls, and direct the light to specific parts of a space. I named the first iteration of my submission to the Floor Lamp challenge "Sk.Leta" in an attempt to encapsulate my intention to reduce the form to a skeleton of support beams that aid in the movement of the light panel.

The second iteration was designed around the idea of having an at-home reading cave, and a lamp that would perfectly fit inside. The original idea was to render a lamp within a sort of childhood fantasy couch-fort with blankets draped over the lamp to create a sort of a circus-tent. This is how the tall and angular form of version two came to be, it represents the central column of a yurt or tent - under which people are sheltered.